Alexa Johnston, on Art & Ritual

Alexa Johnston, on Art & Ritual
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Giving back has always been an important brand value at .eluo., this upcoming Mother's Day we have collaborated on a thoughtful offering to share with our community in support of Mamas for Mamas. I was fortunate to cross paths with artist, Alexa Johnston, who's abstract work caught my attention in my own personal journey in gathering inspiration and exploring alternative creative outlets. Alexa and I instantly connected around our roles as mother's and I appreciated her intentional approach to slow living, she currently resides with her family in a little beach town on the coast of Vancouver Island. Alexa eloquently describes her work as mediation on colour and movement, inspired by beauty in nature her pieces evoke a calming, ethereal emotion that parallels the experience with our .eluo. collection. Each Dreamscape Set comes with an original Dreamscape for .eluo. painting paired with our Restorative Set with 100% of the proceeds going to Mamas for Mamas.

We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy one of these beautiful pieces. Join us in learning more about Alexa, her process and .eluo. ritual.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with art.

I’ve always connected with the process of making things, ever since I was little. I’m constantly absorbing and observing my surroundings and translating those feelings into made work or objects. I dabbled in painting for years but really connected to the art of slow moving watercolors when my first child was born. I needed something to pull me back into the world of creation while mothering a young infant.

Where do you find beauty and draw inspiration from?

Often my paintings start at the beach, or in nature. A rock, a bird song, a wave on the water, the sunlight through the clouds. Something will catch my attention and I will listen, feel the energy within my body and the call of what I want to create. This then translates to sketching out ideas and writing in my journal long before I touch paint to paper.

I also get a lot of inspiration from my children. The joy and abundance that they are as small developing humans is so beautiful. Flowers they love, stones that they pick for me often find their way into my work. 

How does creating inform your approach to art, life and ritual?

Truly it allows me to absorb my surroundings. It allows me to slow down and listen to nature and the earth and my children so I can be present with them and their growing ideas.

Aesthetically, how would you describe your personal style + taste?

My personal style is a mix between mid century modern and Scandinavian minimalism. I love minimalism and a quiet home and also love a pop of bright colour. I’m drawn to natural materials and neutral colours but also enjoy a bright bouquet of fresh garden flowers!

We have discussed your slow, intuitive approach to creating and how it parallels our slow, mindful approach to beauty. Tell us about your first experience with .eluo.

.eluo. is such a mindful and beautiful brand. I love the invitation to slow down the process of self care. In a time where life often seems to move too quickly it is so generous an offering to invite us to slow down and not only enjoy the products we use but the process of application. I truly believe it is a shift in mindset we all need as humans to reconnect to our rituals of care.

There is also a level of quality with the masks that really makes you feel special. The ritual of slowly adding powder to a beautiful ceramic bowl and mixing with water and brush. It really reminded me of the beginning quiet stages of painting and I found it so grounding.

What do you hope people experience with your work?

Connection and joy. I love creating art and I hope that when you get to experience my work you get a momentary place to land. To take a quiet moment of rest, a moment of joy and a slow exhale.

How would you describe the dreamscape collection you created for .eluo.?

The dreamscape collection is about collecting ethereal moments. It’s about memories and the fogginess we encounter as we get further from our memories and the edges start to blur. It’s a concept that is more about distilling an energetic feeling than something I can put in words.

photo credit: @sophievino

Celebrating the art and ritual of slow beauty.

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