Aromatherapy for Skin & Soul

Aromatherapy for Skin & Soul
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The health of our skin is linked to our emotions and environment. In times of uncertainty as many of us face ongoing challenges and stress this winter, incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils into our daily rituals can help relieve stress and support the health of our skin.

During cooler winter months the air has lower humidity and inside air quality is stripped of moisture. This dry climate evaporates moisture in our skin, the result leads to a buildup of dry, flaky skin cells that don't shed as quickly, contributing to a cycle of dryness that can eventually lead to irritation and skin sensitivity.

Essential oils contain potent healing properties that reduce inflammation, balance our natural oil production and stimulate blood supply to improve the health of our skin. We have selected our top essential oils to soothe and heal dry, cracked skin with aromatherapy benefits that promote a sense of relaxation and enhance a feeling of wellness.


Known for its antibacterial properties, lavender is a spectacular healer that prevents scarring, it’s also a mood tonic that brings calm, relaxation, and stress relief. Found in our FORMA VIRIDI Facial Polish, FORMA FLORIS Facial Polish, FORMA TERRA Bath Soak and ELUO CANDLE.


Often used as a base note in perfumes, known for a rich floral scent, with citrusy overtones. Neroli has a soothing effect on mood and contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce inflammation and irritation. Found in our FORMA OLEUM Face Oil.


Reduce mental stress and physical stress with this sweet, uplifting floral scent. With potent cellular regenerating properties to pamper dry skin. Featured in our FORMA ROSEA Facial Polish and FORMA VIRIDI Facial Polish.


One of our favorite oils for mediation, Frankincense enhances mood by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety with this sweet, woody aroma. Soothe inflamed skin by reducing redness and irritation. Featured in our FORMA ROSEA Facial Polish.


Rich in antioxidants to protect skin cells from damage, Rose oil soothes irritation and regulates pH levels to help maintain a healthy balance of excess oil to hydrate dry skin. Found in FORMA ROSEA Facial Polish and FORMA FLORIS Facial Polish.


With an extraordinary soft, sweet, woody aroma to quiet the mind and promote a grounding sense of clarity. Sandalwood is gently hydrating, helping to smooth the skin and balance complexion. Found in FORMA ROSEA Facial Polish, FORMA TERRA Bath Soak and our ELUO CANDLE.

Roman Chamomile

Known as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. In addition to relaxation, Roman Chamomile also promotes smooth, healthy skin and beautifully relieves irritations with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Found in FORMA ROSEA Facial Polish, FORMA FLORIS Facial Polish and ELUO CANDLE.

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