Carter Reid, on Ritual

Carter Reid, on Ritual
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Today, our dear friend, Carter Reid, shares her thoughts on ritual.


Finding balance is always tricky, simply because we’re all flowing through life, not knowing what will happen next, this may seem straightforward but I think it’s something we forget a little more often than we’d like to admit. That said, I try my best to understand that finding balance day-to-day is part of the human experience.

Aside from that truth, I set aside time for myself in the morning and during the weekend to fill my own cup, otherwise, I will not be nearly as useful as I have the potential to be for those around me. I’ve also come to understand that life flows at different speeds and strengths and rather than having a specific list of self-care items to check off each day or each week, it’s more important, and much more impactful, to flow with life in a state of deep connectedness.

If at the end of the day I feel disconnected from myself, from my environment, and from others, I know I need to pause, assess, reflect, and take the time to connect again. For me, this is a more important benchmark than not having time to meditate or workout. Once we are connected, we flow in a state of deep knowing, and know exactly, by sensing or feeling, what it is we need to do, when we need to do it, who we need to reach out to, when we need time in nature,
when we need more rest, hydration, etc.

The point is, that everything in life is constantly changing.

Sometimes, we tend to over-control our experience here, which can lead to disconnection, friction, and resistance in life. Releasing this control and connecting with ourselves and other is key to our well-being and a foundational ritual we should all practice.

Learn more about Carter here, and feel free to follow her journey on Instagram.

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