Forma Oleum - To Nourish Skin

Forma Oleum - To Nourish Skin
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When looking to expand the Eluo Beauty collection I wanted to stay true to a minimal skincare routine, composed of purposeful ingredients that have been celebrated in ancient skincare rituals for generations. Originally, I wanted to continue working with the clay ingredients that inspired our facial polish collection, but the versatility and depth of benefits from lipid oils are difficult to deny.

Face oils have always been a natural compliment to our clay based facial polish and mask ritual. The experience of applying oil on skin is a relaxing ritual, one that evokes a feeling of calm and well-being. We often recommend adding a few drops of a quality plant based face oil to your eluo facial treatment for an added boost of moisture or post treatment to restore and protect our delicate skin barrier. This made it an obvious choice to move ahead with formulating a face oil for our collection.

The Process

Formulating has always been a very involved, intuitive process. It entailed months of researching and exploring carrier oils from various regions all over the world. Hours were spent learning how each oil behaves, and how their chemistry compliments an oil blend. In the process I was fortunate to learn and collaborate with a mentor who introduced me to the composition and delicate make up of fixed carrier oils. Through her guidance I developed an entirely new found respect for the amazing nourishing and protective properties of plant based lipids. 

The result is a gorgeous blend of carefully balanced fruit and botanical seed oils. Occlusive enough to protect your skin in dry, cooler climates, yet light enough to balance reactive skin and soothe irritation for a noticeably hydrated, clear and healthy-looking complexion. I'm so excited to introduce you to Forma Oleum.

Forma Oleum

  • A subtle, sweet, lightly floral aroma formulated with a safe 1% dilution of skin nourishing essential oils, featuring Neroli Blossom, Petitgrain, Palmarosa and Roman Chamomile
  • Carefully balanced ratios of essential fatty acids and plant-derived squalene replenishes below the surface to provide vital moisture; while simultaneously balancing natural sebum production for a clear, healthy-looking complexion.
  • Delicate seed oils contain unique anti-inflammatory polyphenols to soothe and condition troubled complexions.
  • Regenerating lipids and phytosterols boost hydration, support collagen and skin structure to strengthen cell walls; while reducing the visible appearance of fine lines and smoothing out dry, uneven tone.
  • Protective antioxidants and polyphenols found naturally in plant-based oils fortify skin against environmental exposure and sun damage to reduce signs of aging.

    How to Use 

    • Add a few drops to your favorite Eluo facial polish and mask blend to enhance hydration of facial treatment.
    • To enjoy a skin refresh throughout the day, press a drop or two of oil on upper cheek bones over makeup for a renewed glow.
    • Morning and evening gently massage 4-10 drops into clean damp skin.
    • In the palm of your hand, add a drop or two to your favorite moisturizing cream to enrich your daily moisturizer for an ultra nourishing blend
    • After application, use the remaining oil on your finger tips to smooth flyaways and condition the tips of your hair

      I hope you enjoy a nourishing facial treatment with the addition of Forma Oleum.

      - Tannis

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