Forma Viridi: To Balance Skin

Forma Viridi: To Balance Skin
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With the weather finally warming, and more time spent exercising and enjoying time spent outdoors, it’s not uncommon for skin to respond unfavourably, with more oil and congestion than usual.

This is where Forma Viridi comes in. Crafted with detoxifying colloidal clay and rejuvenating green tea, this mask is the perfect ritual for clarifying skin, resulting in a clean, even, and balanced complexion. Feel free to use as an all over treatment, or only on areas of concern, for example, the forehead, nose + chin.

We always look forward to this weekly ritual and love it when used only with water, but today we’re sharing how to elevate your treatment with some of our favourite balancing botanical activators.

"My favourite product is the Balancing mask because it helps with my oily t-zone and and uneven skin texture. Plus it feels amazing upon application and leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth!”

- Hayey Estrada

Recommended Activators

Raw honey: The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of raw honey make it an obvious choice for congested skin. Add a small amount to mask to help reduce swelling and combat blemish causing bacteria.

Green tea: Add steeped and cooled green tea to nourish your complexion with a high concentration of potent antioxidants and naturally astringent compounds called tannins that help even and brighten skin tone. 

Apple cider vinegar: Try adding a few drops of raw apple cider vinegar to restore the natural pH levels of skin. Apple cider vinegar contains live active cultures and acids that help absorb excess oil to improve the overall texture of reactive skin.

How To Use

To use, add 1 tbsp of Forma Viridi to your mask bowl and drop a small amount of water and activator of choice until a rich, mousse like consistency is achieved.

Apply as usual and allow to set for 5-10 minutes, until mask begins to dry.

Rehydrate with your favourite floral water, and remove with a clean, damp muslin cloth.

Follow by misting with hydrosol and applying your favourite plant oil. Pure bliss.


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