How To: Elevate Your Modern Rituals with .eluo.

How To: Elevate Your Modern Rituals with .eluo.
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Breathe, create space and reconnect to the true meaning of beauty by engaging your senses in mindful daily rituals. Because rituals ground us, they give shape to our day and they allow us the space to tap into our heart’s true desires.
In a world that loves to glamourize busy, slow beauty rituals are a defiant act of self-care.
We believe in elevating this simply weekly ritual with our collection of exfoliating masks + polishes. As we age the rate of cell turnover slows and the skin needs extra support to maintain a vibrant complexion. Nourishing, botanical ingredients combined with consistent, gentle exfoliation helps stimulate the natural cell cycle to renew and repair, resulting in fresh, glowing skin in an instant.
Today, we're sharing exactly how to use .eluo. for firm, bright and smooth skin, naturally.
Sit back, relax and soothe skin and spirit with .eluo.
Usage Guide:




Place 1 tbsp of exfoliating mask powder into the palm of your hand







Gradually add a small amount of water to form a soft, rich mousse consistency






Gently smooth the mask over clean, damp skin






Rehydrate mask with warm water to rinse or remove with a damp cloth


Forma Viridi to balance, Forma Rosea to hydrate and Forma Floris to soothe.


Beauty for Modern Rituals. 


Questions about .eluo. or how to use? Comment below and we'll happily provide clarification.


Celebrating the art and ritual of slow beauty.

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