Ritual, The Art of Being Aware with Carter Reid

Ritual, The Art of Being Aware with Carter Reid
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Our ethos calls upon a mindful and ritualistic approach to beauty and wellness, and we’ve been honoured to be a part of a community that celebrates a slower, more meaningful way of life.
To honour our growing community, we wish to shine a spotlight on the women who continue to inspire us through our shared commitment to ritual, with the hope to inspire you to adopt your own nourishing rituals.
Today, meet Carter Reid.
What does mindfulness mean to you?

A deep state of connectedness; a connection to self and a connection to other, living beings, nature, and our physical environment. Being present and aware is the first step in achieving this state of connectivity. Pulling yourself out of your mind, out of your own mental chatter, and connecting to what’s happening around you.

What place does mindfulness hold in your wellness practice?

Living in a state of deep connection is the only truly meaningful goal I work towards in life. Through this state of connectedness, all else is possible. Achieving my body’s version of optimal health, the relationships I cultivate and nurture, literally every single decision I make, from the thoughts I have to
the words I speak, all begin from a state of connection, which is made possible through awareness or mindfulness. We can not be “well” -either physically or mentally- if we are not able to practice awareness and live in a state of deep connection.

What daily rituals have you developed that help cultivate a greater awareness?

I would say, to begin with, connecting the mind to the physical body through breath is the most available form of practicing awareness and presence.

From there, we can begin to familiarize ourselves with what presence, absent of ego, feels like, and we are able to tap into our true nature- a deep sense of knowing and understanding. Once this is practiced and exercised often enough, the awareness of what is happening around us begins to take on new meaning.

What place does .eluo. hold in your rituals?

.eluo. allows me to connect with and tend to myself through self-care! I love that when I mask with .eluo., I am connecting with the earth. It so grounding and balancing, and is time that I spend with myself- it’s truly a form of self-love.

When do you feel most in flow?

When I am removing all distractions; people, technology, obligations, etc., and follow my highest excitement.

Tell us what we can expect from The Wellnss Practice!

You can expect an honest, approachable, and understandable conversation about women’s health and well-being, both physically and mentally, through unique perspectives, plenty of knowledge and inspiration, and wellness services. The goal is to help women live more connected, reach their true
potential, and fulfill their unique purpose. Nothing should get in the way of this, certainly not a lack of physical or mental health.

What inspired you to dig into your Wellnss Practice?

A conscious awareness of how a lack of mental and physical health affected the women in my family, generationally, and prevented them from blooming and expanding in the way that they had the potential to. I saw myself headed down the same path, and realized how often this happens to humans, especially women.

Does your wellness practice look different after becoming a mom?

Everything has looked different after becoming a mom. My life, and all aspects within it, expanded, blossomed, and have deepened since motherhood. My wellness practice was redefined, it softened, yet strengthened and it ebbs and flows in the most dynamic way. Rest is an essential aspect of my wellness practice, as is time spent filling my cup and getting lost in my own authentic nature, exploring my curiosity, and following my highest excitement is essential to how I mother. It allows me to mentor Salem in my own unique way, and give him the best I have to offer him. Motherhood is such a unique journey and wellness for mom is an essential aspect in our ability to mother.

What place does skincare hold in your rituals? And how is that form of self-care (skincare) connected to say, a nourishing meal, or moving your body?

Skincare is how we nourish our outer layers of skin, and because the skin is our largest organ it has a direct connection to our well - being, as everything in our body, mind, soul system is connected. When we take the time to nourish ourselves from the outside in, we look and feel better. 


Thank you to Carter for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Carter and The Wellnss Practice, join her on Instagram or visit her online!

Celebrating the art and ritual of slow beauty.

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