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Our collective history can be traced in clay. How has clay connected us, inspired our creativity, and influenced our daily rituals?

The unique and subtle differences in composition of this earth-harvested ingredient is transformed by geography and environmental elements over time—just like us.

Today, we're sharing more from Calgary based ceramic artist, Rima of River of Ceramics. Rima creates with the intent to capture the feeling of freedom, that which is untouchable. She is passionate about the path to self-determination and self-confidence, the power of femininity and the beauty of everyday life.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with clay and ceramic art

I felt free. Clay gave me freedom in so many aspects of my life and I became immediately enthralled when I found it at a later age. From the emotional release and mental exploration, the physical labouressness that can push you to your limit, then seeing all of that 'push' coming to stillness in its final form. It's magical. I knew immediately it was what I had been searching for,

the medium that allowed me to translate and release the depths of my consciousness, the teacher that I needed

I look forward to the endless learnings and explorations through ebbs and flows of clay that are yet to come.

Can you tell us about the process of working with clay, from start to finish?

Pottery is all about balance; the balance between air, water and earth, and the exploration of testing its boundaries. Finding just the right amount of pressure to center the clay on the wheel, to pinch and pull and build. I often close my eyes while working to 'see less and feel more'. After throwing the base form on the wheel, I let them rest for a little while to reach the right consistency to begin molding. I turn each piece over in my hand, over and over, til I see it, the face, and begin to push and pull it into form, creating every piece entirely on its own, completely by hand.

Sometimes I have a vision going in, other times the piece tells me what they will be. And when I feel it's found its final resting place, I let it dry, let it release all the water it's held onto, before it goes into the kiln to complete its transformation. Then, you wait, and wonder how they will turn out, because if you are challenging its boundaries and those of your own, it is impossible to know exactly how things will turn out - and that's the most exciting part.

How does working with clay inform your approach to art, life and ritual? 

It's the unbound exploration of one's self and mind, the learning and unlearning, and then the getting up, dusting yourself off (sometimes literally), to try it all again that lends itself to all of those aspects of my life. I am endlessly inspired by those that are able and willing to be unapologetically their human selves, in their work and in their lives. Most often, if it elicits something in you, it will elicit something in someone else - and what a wild way to connect with one another.

One word to describe the experience of working with clay?


Aesthetically, how would you describe your personal style + taste?

Hopelessly romantic, simple and understated, feminine yet masculine - spoken as a true gemini.

What are your favourite ways to unwind, besides ceramics?

Long, long walks with my dog Mac on a day completely unplanned.

Tell us about your first experience with .eluo.

Upon opening my package, I felt the passion immediately coming through every detail of their work, and I felt like I knew them, and that they knew and cared for me. I felt their deep desire to share a moment of peace and beauty together through this ritual they created, the confidence and empowerment to create a completely unique experience, and the love and care they have for their community around them (love the eco-friendly packaging!)

Cared for, pampered and relaxed - I look forward to weaving this new ritual into my regular routine. 

Thank you to Rima for sharing with us, for more - follow her journey on Instagram.

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