Your Modern Rituals: Kaitlin Johnson

Your Modern Rituals: Kaitlin Johnson
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To gain a better understanding of how our formulas have helped your skin, we asked some of the women that inspire us most to share how .eluo. has elevated their modern rituals.

One of the first women we connected with when launching .eluo., Kaitlin has been a constant supporter and advocate since day 1. We were instantly inspired by her eye for design and gorgeous, vintage inspired images, as well as her commitment to wellness and sustainable living. Today, we're excited to share her experience with .eluo.

Describe your skin type: Combination. Depending on the season, especially in Canada with weather extremes, my skin can be more dry or oily, but generally it is a mix of both.

What are your main skin concerns?

My main skin concern is acne and more specifically now—the after effects of it. I struggled with severe hormonal acne for many years that left both damaging marks on my skin and emotional ones too. For the first time in my adult life, my skin feels like it’s calming down and the marks are starting to heal. My main concern is to keep my skin and my relationship to it in a good, healthy place. I want to treat my skin with the love it deserves. Using natural, clean skincare is such an important part of that to me.

What has been your favourite .eluo. formula and why?

My favourite .eluo. formula changes with the seasons in the same way that my skin changes with them. My current favourite is Forma Rosea. The harsh winter weather has left my skin drier than normal and Forma Rosea moisturizes my skin while also gently exfoliating it. It leaves my winter skin feeling renewed—fresh, smooth and moisturized.

Has regular use of .eluo. impacted your complexion?

Depending on the season or what my skin issues are, all three formulas have helped me at one time or another—whether that be to hydrate it, soothe it or balance it. These three products really have all of my bases covered no matter my skin concern. Currently, Forma Rosea is improving my skin by bringing back the moisture that the winter weather takes away.

Tell us how you've incorporated .eluo. into your existing facial routine:

I think for a lot of us we have a set morning and evening skincare routine that becomes a habit. I love that my .eluo. products are not part of those routine tasks. For me, they’re part of a special ritual. I use my .eluo. formula as a mask approximately once a week, but I don’t have a set day or time I’ll use my mask. Sometimes I’ll do a morning mask and sometimes an evening. I use it when I feel my skin needs it and choose a formula to target the specific need for my skin that week. For me, it’s all about setting aside the right moment to give my skin the extra time and love it deserves.

How has your .eluo. ritual impacted your skin and self-care routine?

I think the entire .eluo. experience is thoughtful—slowing down, mixing the mask myself in the beautiful .eluo. ceramic mask bowl to reveal the most gorgeous colour, texture & scent, applying the mask to my skin with the brush—it’s all an art. The entire process feels so much more special and luxurious than a routine task—it’s so much more mindful. It’s a really beautiful skin care ritual that engages your senses and helps you feel present in that moment.

My skin feels amazing and nurtured afterwards. The mask leaves my skin with a smoother texture—completely renewed and refreshed. It also leaves me feeling good that I took that time for myself to give my skin the love it deserves—we all deserve that extra time and care. x

Thanks for sharing, Kaitlin! We're honoured to be a part of your modern rituals.


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