Your Modern Rituals: Mandy Madden

Your Modern Rituals: Mandy Madden
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To gain a better understanding of how our formulas have helped your skin, we asked some of the women that inspire us most to share how .eluo. has elevated their modern rituals.

Mandy Madden Kelley's gorgeous Instagram account is what monochrome dreams are made of. A mom, entrepreneur and true beauty guru, her stunning complexion is a work of art, and we always turn to her for skincare secrets. Today, we're sharing her experience with .eluo.

Describe your skin type: My skin truly has its own mind and identity. At times it is oily, other times extremely dry. However, most of the time I can expect a combination of both. This all depends on the climate and the products I am using.

What are your main skin concerns?

My main skin concerns are skin pigmentation and breakouts. The hardest part about darker skin tones is the dark spots left after a little breakout. These take a really long time to fade out.

What has been your favourite .eluo. formula and why?

My favorite .eluo. formula is Forma Rosea. I took this product with me whist on vacation. When our skin is exposed to hotter environments, we tend to lose a lot of water through perspiration. Our skin can then become dry ad dehydrated. I love this formula because I noticed and instant difference in my skin after my first use. It basically saved my skin after an entire day on the beach, in the sun. It not only hydrated my skin, but it also made the texture of my skin smoother.

Has regular use of .eluo. impacted your complexion?

Overall, I think this 3 set collection is a great go-to rescue pack for any skin concern. These products brightened my skin, hydrated it, calmed it and detoxified it.

Tell us how you've incorporated .eluo. into your existing facial routine:

I use the .eluo. products at least once a week during my home facials. This happens every sunday evening before the start of the week. I use a different formulation for my specific skin concern that week. These products allow my skincare routine to remain flexible and easy to use.

How has your .eluo. ritual impacted your skin and self-care routine?

I genuinely enjoy creating different mixtures and adding different natural ingredients such as honey, apple cider vinegar, baking soda or rose water to my .eluo. rituals. This has become a time for me to pause and give myself some love after a hard week at work. This ritual makes me feel present with myself and it allows me to reflect. I call it 'a precious time to meditate'.

Thanks for sharing, Mandy. We're honoured to be a part of your modern rituals.


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