Your Modern Rituals: Sarah Shabacon

Your Modern Rituals: Sarah Shabacon
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To gain a better understanding of how our formulas have helped your skin, we asked some of the women that inspire us most to share how .eluo. has elevated their modern rituals.

Sarah Shabacon is one of the women that has inspired us since day one. Owner of Bohème Goods and a true style muse, everything Sarah does is intentional and design forward, something that rings true to our hearts. Today, we're sharing her experience with .eluo.

Describe your skin type: Normal

What are your main skin concerns?

Pigmentation from acne scars and I always want optimal hydration.

What has been your favourite .eluo. formula and why?

Forma rosea is a dream... the scent... shade... the way my skin feels after I rinse it off - it’s from start to finish the most amazing experience.

Has regular use of .eluo. impacted your complexion?

I started using this polish on holidays in Mexico and really felt how it soothed my skin after a day in the sun and salt water, now that I’m back home in Canada and we’re dealing with snow, my face is as hydrated as ever and I think this has a big part to play in that.

Tell us how you've incorporated .eluo. into your existing facial routine:

I use it once a week after I steam my face and follow up with rose water.

How has your .eluo. ritual impacted your skin and self-care routine?

It’s become more of a precious moment than a chore to give my skin the attention it deserves. It’s a time out from everything else and it’s almost meditative for me.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah. We're honoured to be a part of your modern rituals.


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