Your Modern Rituals: Taylor Noelle's Daily Ritual Edit

Your Modern Rituals: Taylor Noelle's Daily Ritual Edit
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Given her discerning eye and deep understanding of self-care, we invited digital creator Taylor Noelle to share her daily ritual edit with us.

Featuring her essentials from Boheme Goods, Bare Hands, KIWA, Wild House Paper, Rose Greenburg, Womy and .eluo., her edit is inspired by the small rituals that guide her day. Today, she's sharing more.

What place does ritual hold in your day?

To me, rituals are a compass to your truest self. It is permission- freedom to take accountability for your time and efforts towards yourself. Sometimes it’s an acknowledgement of being, of claiming space for yourself and your processes. When you return to something over and over you evolve in the way you approach it, let it settle over you, and eventually decide if you keep on familiar terms with it. 

What daily rituals reconnect you to yourself?

Getting dressed and doing my skincare routine. I have clothed and washed my ‘skin bag’ as Olivia Laing says. It’s refreshing for the soul residing inside. I wish my preferred ritual was cooking or feeding myself but I find myself impatient even waiting for tea to steep. The most important thing I’m trying to ingrain right now is to not regret time spent doing something for myself but to see it as equally as important as my tasks for others. 

Tell us about each of the brands you’ve selected for your edit.

Each of these brands were created by a beautiful, strong woman whom I admire and whose craft is seen in each of their products. There are many different rituals I might choose from depending on what my body needs and I find that my needs are not the same everyday. Ritual involves flexibility and acknowledgement of the feelings you have now, not mechanized, rigid protocol. All of these items are implemented therapeutically as needed and I’ve chosen them as immediate touchstones of the place I’m in. 

Eluo’s Forma Terra will always be stocked in my bathroom. It’s an incredibly soothing formula that doesn’t irritate my eczema and the aromatherapy helps me stay present. I like listening to the singing bowls while I soak. 

I love LOVE Boheme Goods. Not only does Sarah keep an effortlessly cool selection of vintage on hand, but her clothes are size and body inclusive and I often find myself reaching for those dresses when I want to feel like a smol mushroom fairy. 

Wilde House Paper is so special to me. The team is so thoughtful and kind and I enjoy our Wilde Woman Muse events. I use the weekly planner and Self Reflections pad daily to keep me hydrated and on track. It’s a great balance between productivity and self care. 

Another forever shelfie item is the Bare Hands manicure set. I had to keep short, simple nails during my piano courses in college and if I had had this kit back then, I wouldn’t have minded one bit. The buffer creates this sheen that gives you glass nails, and the cuticle oil keeps the skin healthy. Pure elegance. 

Kiwa Studio is run by one of my oldest internet friends, Kristina. I love her minimalistic, detailed eye which extends to the way she approaches Kiwa Studios. It’s all been selected and created with your skin’s health in mind. 

When I first saw the Rose Greenberg spiral pillow, I felt very drawn to it. Not only as a playful piece of decor, but a soothing object to have near me. I can sit on it and meditate or wrap it around my body and let it hold me. Rose is sadly no longer with us, but her brilliance and whimsy live on in her work. 

Womy’s mission resonates with me and the tea is amazing. Win win. Arienne’s self healing journey led her to create restorative herbal teas and I’m quite fond of KTHXBYE blend to soothe gut inflammation and boost the liver. 

Lead us through a day in the do you move through your day and what rituals guide you?

I take a long time to wake up. I stretch and drink something warm first and then usually check my phone. If I’m headed to work, l’m out the door by 7am with my book and muni pass. I have my headphones on and I hang out with myself first. We recently moved into this beautiful building downtown in SF and there are sunlit corners set up on the entire floor that are my intentional places to step away from the desk, read for a bit, or just look out onto the Bay. After I eat lunch, I make time to go on a walk and breathe deeply. I like to jot down what I ate or saw in my notebook as a reminder to be here now.

At night before bed, I’m not good at putting away my devices. I like to watch dog or other pet reels and send memes to friends as a form of keeping in touch. It’s what we do. It always feels good to go to bed with clean and hydrated skin so I’ll be sure to make time to shower or take a bath. Self care for me is also doing things ahead of time for myself. I’ve made my iced coffee for the morning, my breakfast shake, and my work tote is packed next to my clothes. It may sound boring or monotonous but change doesn’t come instantly; the daily bricks we lay become the house we live in. 

Thank you so much to Taylor for sharing a little peek at her daily rituals with us. For more, find her on Instagram.

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