Your Modern Rituals: Taylr Anne Castro

Your Modern Rituals: Taylr Anne Castro
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Centered around the art of slow beauty, our collection was developed with the intent to inspire your modern rituals.

Join us today as we share ritual and inspiration through the lens of our friend, Taylr Anne Castro.

What place does ritual hold in your day?   
Rituals are everything to me. They keep me grounded even when I have the busiest weeks. Because my job tasks are always changing, my rituals keep a sense of routine in my days. Making coffee, lighting a candle or incense washing my face, using Etto Oil after the shower and drinking plenty of water are a few of my favorite rituals.
How do you enjoy your favourite .eluo. products?
I love applying my Eluo masks after a warm shower, either in the morning of after a long day. Depending on what my skin needs, that is how I decide which mask to use. I love applying my mask and then spending those moments after doing something that stimulates my mind. Whether that it journaling and planning my week, flipping through editorials, or listening to my favorite podcasts, I love spending that time focusing on myself.
Why is natural skincare important to you?
Natural skincare is super important to me. I care about what I food I eat to nourish myself, so I am just as conscious about what I put on my body. The older I get, the more I am really thankful for Instagram because I have learned about so many small business that are creating beautiful and clean products.
Tell us about your new oil launch.
I started Etto Oil because I’ve always wanted to create a product that felt intentional— something that I would use every day and would turn into a special daily ritual of self care. I feel that everything we include in our life should have a purpose. If not, it is just taking up space in our energy. 
I wanted to make sure everything that is put into Etto is organic and of purest quality. I partner with a wonderful formulator who sources all of the organic ingredients from small fair trade suppliers around the world and creates each batch of Etto to be consistently nourishing for your skin.
Share a bit about the formulation process behind Etto.
The formulation process was quite straightforward as I knew I had standards I wanted to meet.  I wanted to make sure everything was organic, potent and beneficial for the skin. I wanted to make sure the oils that were being sourced were fair trade and of the highest quality. After laying down the groundwork, I worked with my formulator to accomplish this. The last step was creating the natural scent— which is a mix of pure essential oils. The scent is so warm and inviting, I actually crave the smell now and can’t wait until the next time I get to put it on.
What inspires you? 
I am currently inspired by a multitude of things. This year has been quite different as I typically find most of my inspiration while traveling, but lately I have found inspiration in rituals, simplicity, and starting new projects. I have a notebook full of ideas I want to execute and a stack of books that I am reading all at once. I feel like I always have a To-Do list, which is fun. I have spent a lot of time at home over the past few months and have dedicated more time to my skincare and self care routine. I have also spent time redecorating and decluttering my home. When my home is clean and intentional, I feel so much more motivated and inspired to focus on work. My Saved folder includes a lot of images of interiors, beauty, sculptures, and fall style.
Thank you to Taylr for sharing with us! Find her on Instagram for more beautifully curated and intentional moments.

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