The Art + Ritual of Oil Application

The Art + Ritual of Oil Application
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A sensory, textural experience, the application of oil to skin is a relaxing ritual that evokes feelings of calm and wellbeing. With the launch of Forma Oleum, we've been sharing more about the steps involved in application, including our recommendation to apply oil to damp skin.

Fresh from a warm bath or shower, damp skin allows essential fatty acid rich oils to sink in and deeply penetrate the epidermis. Applying to damp skin allows this rejuvenating ritual to go further, requiring less product for coverage, thereby extending the life of your oil. Consider this a time to prioritize nourishment, allowing Forma Oleum to support and transform your complexion. 

A simple detail that elevates the potent benefits contained in our formula, refer to the guidance below around the art of applying and indulging in all the benefits of Forma Oleum.

Forma Oleum: How To

Warm Oil

Before applying, warm Forma Oleum between your fingers and hands to encourage subtle heat and activate its many botanical properties, while releasing gentle aromas that truly transform the sensation.

Massage Into Skin

The movement of massaging oil into skin brings fresh blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the surface to regenerate and nourish skin. Use gentle, upward sweeping motions to help skin eliminate impurities, encourage lymphatic drainage and relax tense muscles to revive your complexion.

Apply Before Bed

Apply Forma Oleum before bed, when skin is naturally warmer and in a healing phase of recovering and regenerating. Create a relaxing, mindful moment for self-care around your skincare ritual, and enjoy this opportunity to unwind and release tension while supporting rejuvenation from the inside, out.

Forma Oleum, to nourish skin. We hope this guide inspires a truly beautiful skincare experience - enjoy!

Celebrating the art and ritual of slow beauty.

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