Your Modern Rituals: Lisa Mok

Your Modern Rituals: Lisa Mok
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A self-professed lover of minimalistic design, today, meet Toronto-based creative director and graphic designer, Lisa Mok. Lisa has spent the last 10 years creating a portfolio that exudes a sense of depth, warmth and modern storytelling, and her special events space, Lune, is a 160 year old country house that clearly expresses her unique design style.

We fell in love with Lisa's thoughtful approach to design and artistry. The aesthetic of the space she has created at Lune is an ongoing source of inspiration. I dream of the day we have a chance to connect and create. Today, we're highlighting Lisa, her inspiration and her .eluo. ritual.

You have an obvious passion for design and creative direction, tell us about the space you have created at Lune 1860, touching on some of the most important offerings and values that brought you here.

Home in Toronto. And so when we began to imagine what Lune could be, we kept thinking about all those times in our lives when we gathered with the people we love—like a great conversation that leads to new relationships, or that perfect dinner with friends that may seem casual but are always so nourishing, or seeing family again and passing and sharing food. Part of the beauty of these moments is that they can never be replicated, they are always so fleeting, but they mean so much to all of us, so we wanted to create a space for anyone to be able to create their own beautiful moments in time. More than ever this year we feel so incredibly grateful to play host to these events where family and friends have been reunited. To be able to be a part of these gatherings in any small way makes everything worth it. 

You set the stage for so many special moments at Lune, how has your role as a curator and designer influenced your ability to cultivate mindfulness or greater awareness in your everyday?

It's such a privilege right now to be surrounded by nature, to be around family  and friends and eat food in abundance. Living at Lune is a constant reminder  of all these things, so my everyday life is full of small, lovely moments that I’m so  grateful for. There is so much going on in the world today, but I still believe in making everything beautiful. It’s my way of honouring all the beauty that still surrounds us, and sharing all of that with the people I love and everyone new that comes into our  lives and gathers at Lune.

At this moment, what inspires you?

Currently, I’ve been really inspired by imagery that evokes the abundance of life. Little vignettes like a table setting set somewhere in Italy, the wine half drunk, the food already eaten, perhaps there is no one even at the table anymore, they’ve all moved on but that table still stands, already a memory. It’s like time has completely stopped and we’re allowed this little peek into what was, having to imagine the rest. It’s these images that always remind me of life the most.

Is there someone who has been a mentor or source of inspiration to you?

I’ve always been inspired by the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi. During the  pandemic I found myself returning to his work again and again. He paints these  quietly intense moments in our everyday life and is somehow able to perfectly capture the absence of time. In the 1980s, a show was held to celebrate his work entitled “The Poetry of Silence,” which I find so beautiful. His interior paintings are equally restrained, just a glimpse of an open door, leading you someplace else, but  never showing you a complete scene. He has the ability to elevate these seemingly ordinary moments in our lives, which I think came into focus for a lot of us during the pandemic, myself included. If we are open to it, there is beauty in our everyday lives and interiors, and Hammershoi always reminds me to go in search of it.

How do you reconnect when you're feeling out of touch with yourself? 

I take long drives in the country, the landscape is so inspiring. Plus, you can’t  answer emails or talk on the phone so I’m really forced to be fully present. It’s been during these drives that I’ve come up with some of my best ideas. 

What place does .eluo. hold in your rituals?

I love to use one of the facial polishes after I swim, which I do every day. It always  feels very restorative, and the perfect way to end this time that I’ve carved out for myself each day. 

Thank you to Lisa for spending this time with us, and for sharing her inspirations. To learn more about Lisa and Lune 1860, join her on Instagram or visit her online.

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