Your Modern Rituals: Michelle Salter

Your Modern Rituals: Michelle Salter
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To gain a better understanding of how our formulas have helped your skin, we asked some of the women that inspire us most to share how .eluo. has elevated their modern rituals.

A well honed eye for design combined with a passion for sustainable living gives Michelle Salter's Instagram profile an edgy and instantly recognizable aesthetic. A writer, style maven and vintage hunter, her blog is filled with insightful musings on sustainability, slow living and the myth of perfection. Today, we're sharing her experience with .eluo.

Describe your skin type: I have pretty combo skin - oily with dry patches. I just recently started getting acne (around turning 20) and am still navigating how to deal with that! My skin is also very sensitive to certain foods, especially dairy and greasy or salty foods.

What are your main skin concerns?

Forehead acne and uneven skin texture is my main concern. Poor eating habits, dehydration, hair cleanliness, and skin-picking are the biggest things that negatively impact my skin - and I’m working on them!

What has been your favourite .eluo. formula and why?

My favourite formula is Forma Floris ~ to soothe skin. It’s gentle enough to use multiple times a week, and offers help for all my skin concerns. The colloidal clay is a great ingredient for drawing out excess sebum and oil from my skin, while the althea/marshmallow root powder and aloe soothes any irritation that comes from picking. I love the scent of all the floral essential oils, they truly makes the masking experience so serene and calming. The formula is so versatile; it can be used as a mask or an exfoliant, and can be mixed with so many nourishing
ingredients. I love mixing it with toner for a thinner mask application, a serum for a thicker, more luxurious mask, or just with water for a quick exfoliating treatment!

Has regular use of .eluo. impacted your complexion?

Eluo’s mask/polish trio has helped me tackle all of my main skin concerns, and provided me with beautiful and effective remedies for my newly-problematic skin. Whenever my skin needs some extra love, I know I have an Eluo product to turn to. The products have reduced the appearance of my blemishes and imperfections. They balance my oil and sebum production, soothe irritation from skin-picking, and nourish my dry patches.

Tell us how you've incorporated .eluo. into your existing facial routine:

I use the Forma Floris mask on my days off; my quiet days at home. I spend this time resetting and slowing down, letting go of any stress and chaos from the past week. On these days, I prioritize other self-care rituals such as reading, cleaning, stretching, and resting, and I love wearing a mask while doing so. Before application, I oil cleanse for a clean and nourished base. I mix my Floris powder with toner or serum and apply as a mask, leaving it on for about 10 mins,
but not long enough for it to dry out completely (a big no-no!). After washing, I use a toner and serum, and additional moisturizers as needed.

I use Forma Viridi after a long day of work, errands, or eating out. I like to get home and shower immediately to reset, and use Viridi as a mask straight out of the shower. I follow with an extra-moisturizing and nourishing night-time skin routine and a healthy din.

I like to use Forma Rosea in the morning as a polish before I shower, mixing it with a serum/oil and exfoliating for ~45 seconds. I wash it off in a steamy shower, leaving me feeling fresh and ready for the day!

How has your .eluo. ritual impacted your skin and self-care routine?

Taking time out of my week/day to relax and take care of myself is super important to me. Simple, mindful acts help me feel at peace. Cleaning, moving my body, learning, resting and reflecting are rituals that I am constantly exploring and expanding upon. Skincare lies at the heart of my self-care, as taking care of my skin helps me feel more balanced and confident in all aspects of my life. Doing a mask helps me ‘reset’ not only my skin but my approach to care, cleanliness, and mindfulness. It inspires me to take care of my body, inside and out.

Thanks for sharing, Michelle. We're honoured to be a part of your modern rituals.


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