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Latin: to cleanse, clean.


Eluo was born out of the desire to start a new dialogue around beauty. We believe the way you cleanse and care for your skin is much more than a multi-step product application, it’s an opportunity to show yourself care. To cleanse is to be mindful, to remain present and to engage all of your senses. We’re elevating this simple daily ritual with our collection of exfoliating masks and polishes. Inspired by the ancient beauty practices of cultures that came before, .eluo. delivers a collection that becomes a modern ritual.





Clay has been used throughout history to soothe the skin, promote healing and detoxify the body. Formed from the earth, each clay is comprised of a unique mineral composition transformed by geography and environmental elements over time. Whether cleansing, exfoliating or soothing; clays are a true multi-tasking ingredient and we’ve carefully selected each one. Our clay masks and face polishes are formulated with replenishing botanical and antioxidant rich, plant-based ingredients that leaves skin refreshed and naturally beautiful.


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Meet our founder, Tannis.


Eluo began with a deep passion for wellness. I have dedicated the better part of the last decade to pursuing different pathways towards holistic living. The interest in avoiding unnecessary synthetic exposures in my daily routine peaked with my first pregnancy. I found it difficult to trust the ingredient lists on most of my personal products so I began to craft my own skincare from all natural ingredients.


As I discovered timeless, holistic skincare treatments I fell in love with the art and ritual of masking. It became a refuge, a chance to connect with myself and engage all of my senses in a relaxing skincare treatment. Not only did these treatments transform my complexion, they left me feeling like I had done something for my health. To me, the application of clay and botanical extracts from the earth is such a grounding practice that permeates beyond the surface of your skin. For me, it’s an experience in embracing our differences and celebrating our unique natural beauty. Eluo is an opportunity for me to share this beautiful experience and encourage others to take time for self care.


The role of nutrition and a mindful lifestyle in the health of your skin goes beyond the topical application of our modern day skincare. Inspired by mindful beauty practices passed down from generations of women that nurture their skin through daily rituals, we are committed to formulating a collection that is as beautiful as it is effective. I want users to feel their innate beauty through this distinct personal experience that is much more than a daily cleansing ritual. We all need a moment to be mindful, escape our endless to-do lists, and surrender our guilt-- because taking a moment for ourselves allows us to be more present for what really matters.


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